Personal Development for the Busiest of Peeps

“The very best investment is not one that you can beat, tax or even be taken away by inflation. Ultimately there is one investment that supersedes over others, investing in yourself” 

—Warren Buffet, Billionaire Investor. 

Personal development is so important with even the busiest of people investing time it but how do they do it? 

Like with anything, this comes with time but also you need to be disciplined. When I am travelling to work/gym or on my twice-weekly run I listen to content, whether that’s a TED talk or a podcast I will be learning or improving my skills. I’m not saying to develop yourself you need to change your whole-life but instead look at the times when you can learn and listen to things and integrate them into your daily schedule.  

What is personal development? I get it… yep fill out a few goals online maybe via your office's HR tools or just copy and paste the same goals from last years new years resolutions… I have been and done it. 

My money would go on weekly online shopping or treating myself to a few new makeup bits come payday. And when I bought them and used them a few times I felt great but this is a short-term, feel-good feeling that I believed was improving myself. However, the feeling was never fully satisfied and I felt like I needed to buy something else less than a few weeks later. If I had a bad day I would go straight for Mac/ Sephora and so the cycle continued. 

But what was I doing to get myself out of these ‘bad days’? or how was I reflecting on my day/mistakes? Who was I speaking to who was doing something successful that I wanted to do? The answer, is that I was not doing any of these things. Instead, I was just expecting my life to get better, you know… my luck would change. Until I realised you need to get out of this victim mentality. If you can’t help yourself no one else is going too and you will go throughout the same patterns and cycles in your life if you don’t grow and change as a person. 

As I began to do really small things each day such as setting up a morning routine, meditate 10 minutes in the morning and journal a few times a week I noticed my patterns and I started to notice what I liked and what I wanted to change. I then began to notice I was getting better at my job, I was feeling more productive and I was enjoying life (sounds cheesy AF but it was true). So if you are reading this and thinking how do I start improving myself right now, try the following: 

  1. Next time you feel like you have had a crap day give something back to a person in need instead of going to Topshop to buy the latest bag. Giving to someone raises serotonin (the happy hormone), makes you feel like you have a purpose and gives you a longer-term feeling of gratitude. 
  2. Make a note each day around the times you could listen/learn a new skill or improve an area of your life. Then schedule it into your day. Begin by doing this twice a week. 
  3. Find resources that work for you. For example, if you want to read a book on the train and are an audible learner download an Audible book.
  4. Enjoy it! There are so many great podcasts, courses and events you can do. 
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