Juggling Many Hats: Setting up your brand while working a 9-5

I have always loved working, as soon as I turned 14 I was working part-time while still at school. Although I was always conscious at the time that my education comes first there was something I loved about having my independence. I learned quite quickly that I wanted to be a business owner when I grew up. At the time I had no idea what that business was… I just knew I wanted my own business and a business that was going to help others.

As time went on I got distracted from these dreams through various life events. I went into the ‘linear’ way of life; education, university and working in corporate. While it wasn’t exactly my plan, on reflection these are experiences I am so grateful for and for the people I met along the way too. 

Throughout this my mental health was struggling and my sense of worth was non-existent. I had a coach at the time ask me “if you died what would you be remembered for”... “Ummm well, not much babes” was pretty much my answer. I had a business degree for goodness sake, I had been in sales for 6 years and was I guess, what one would call an adult. But I felt worthless.

Without my corporate role, I wouldn’t have been exposed to some incredible support teams. My income funded therapy, various lifelong accreditations and incredible experiences. After a spell, I made the decision that I was going to fund my side-hustle while working my 9-5. I would say everyone’s journey is different but if you have a structure, accountability through a coach and guidance with how to succeed, you can do it! There will be sleepless nights, turning down social events, heading off to a cafe the moment the clock strikes 5 to work on your business till 9 pm but it will be worth it.  

If you are reading this you are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity… the opportunity of accessing the internet. We can work online, we can reach out to people all over the world and set up businesses at any time of the day. We have opportunities to learn a new skill before or after working hours. We also have so much choice: you don’t have to stay in the same industry all of your life and it’s ok to change your mind about your career at any age. So next time you finish your working day be mindful of what you are doing from 5-9 pm? This could be the time to start your new business! 

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