Happy holidays - Looking after yourself over Christmas

Christmas decorations and a Christmas present

Who feels the pressure to look and play the part of happy chappy because it’s Christmas time? In reality, you are probably thinking I am so tired and just don’t want to be here, sharing this moment with someone who isn’t good for me. 

Christmas can often be a triggering time for so many people. From a comical stand point, the old image from one of the Bridget Jones’ films rocking up to her parents annual Boxing day party and being questioned countless times as to whether she has a boyfriend always comes to mind. 

Christmas is traditionally a time where we see people we haven’t seen for a year or people we quite frankly feel obliged to see. We try to do the ‘right thing’ when in reality we can often be feeling pretty miserable but equally guilty that these thoughts are going through our head. With so many people out there who are on their own over the festive period, how can we be so selfish to want to avoid certain people?

Well, you still have the right to look after yourself, even if your great aunt Sue has asked you for the 10th time why you haven’t bought your first house and settled down yet?

How can you look over yourself over the festive period: 

  • Develop some boundaries early on. If you are staying with relatives over Christmas set aside some time per day just for you. For example, you could get into a routine of going for a run/walk on your own in the morning. That way you are giving yourself some space but equally not offending any of those clingy relatives. 
  • It’s ok to say no. If someone is being super persistent around you going out for the third party this week and you feel like you ‘should’ but don’t want too then stand your ground. We all get this feeling of FOMO but if you are feeling burnt out you won’t be enjoying this time of year. Choose wisely who you spend the holiday season with and you will enjoy it so much more.
  • Be honest with people if you are feeling down or lonely. Remember this can be such a fun time of year but also a time for reflection and if you feel down or low about something that may have happened this year make sure you speak up and share it with someone you trust. They might just surprise you with how they can help.
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