A little about me...


Let me tell you a story...

Growing up, I was your everyday British girl who craved adventure and spent my younger life dreaming of moving abroad and the new things I would do. A beach bum at heart with a lifelong love of the outdoors (even in England!), all I wanted was to soak up the ocean and let the sun shine down on my skin.

Fast forward to my 20’s and I found myself stuck in the London rat race and totally, utterly depleted. From face value, I had a great job, a large social circle, and lived a fast and fun lifestyle. But on the inside? I knew that this was nowhere near the life I had dreamt up for myself.

From that moment forward (even though I had no idea what it would look like or even how to get started) my journey began. I took a look at my real friendships, my values, and uncovered, once again, what I *really* wanted from life. Right away I knew that the road I had been sprinting down was not even on the same continent let alone the same path as where I wanted to go.

First up on the road to recovery? My thought patterns. I had built up and cemented down negative thought patterns and unhealthy mental habits and wanted to be free of both - fast. Although my mental and emotional wellbeing became my first priority, I quickly noticed that once I started to align my actions with my values I met extraordinary people on their own self development journey and wanted to soak up their lessons and pop them into every aspect of my life.

And this is where you come in. Freedom State of Mind was born from a desire to collect, clear up, and carve out the path to better health, stable wealth, and ignite your journey toward building the life you always thought you would have ‘when you grew up’. But don’t get me wrong - while the personal development journey is hand on heart the most fulfilling and sustainable choice I made that supports my happiness, it’s not always an easy one. (Especially when the amount of ‘self-help’ info out there seems endless.) I wanted to create a safe, inspiring, and down-to-earth place where we could really talk about building the life of your dreams and here we are! That aside, I’ll just come out and say it:

My name is Lucy Wood and I want to be your new best friend. In this role, I promise to offer straight up advice, straight shooting talk, warmth, guidance, and a few stories along the way to help you turn that 180 and get your life back on track. From my new home in Bondi Beach, Australia this city girl come beach bum will interview podcasts guests about their own enlightenment trial-by-error and address the ups, the downs, and whatever else needed to get you on your own straight and narrow.

If that sounds good to you - welcome. It sounds great to me too and I cannot *wait* to get you sparked and started. Check out the Freedom State of Mind podcast for the best of our guests and how they’re navigating their businesses, goals, personal lives, and dreams. If you’re more of the reading type - check out the blog. Our entries will always highlight some obstacle to happiness that I have (or am!) navigating and clear, practical tips you can take away so that you can pivot and give it another try.

Lastly - slide into my DMs babyyy! I am always open and want to hear from our community about what topics, challenges, opportunities, and goals they want to talk about - no request is off limits! Will you find a curse word dotted in here and there? Maybe - that can happen when friends chat. Will you go away connected to a community who thinks like you, dreams like you, and is willing to put in the work to build the life of their dreams? Every. Single. Time. Pop on over to the blog, give the podcast a listen, and find us on socials - I can’t wait to meet you.

Lots of love,

Lucy xx

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